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Versatile yet simple...

So fool-proof and versatile, you can use this sauce straight from the bottle.

With our sauce, you cook dishes like sweet pork with ease, just add Nukayok Sauce.

Incorporate Nukayok Sauce to any dish and become a master chef at home! From beginners to experienced cooks, Nukayok Sauce will add dimension, depth and a sweet and savory flair to your cuisine.


Nukayok is an extraordinary blend of sweet and savory. A versatile sauce that we put on everything. From marinade to dipping sauce and everything in between there isn’t anything this sauce can’t do. So if want a sauce that can make your meal into an absolute masterpiece, make Nukayok a staple in your kitchen. It’s an absolute must.

Tommy Mccauley

This sauce is so versatile!!! I use it pretty often, both for marinating and for stir frying 😊
I love the slight sweetness it has and generally how well it compliments my food. 
In my pics: I used it to make a veggie udon stir fry (which was a hit with my bf) and in the other, the sauce was used marinate the chicken I then fried into katsu. 
This sauce really brings flavor and depth to my food. 10/10 would recommend!

Monica Yan

I love Nukayok sauce. It has a nice sweet and savory taste that is not overpowering. It goes well with any dishes from stir fry to marinating. You can add other sauces with it too but it’s already good enough on its own, and it brings richness to the foods. I highly recommend trying this sauce out. You will not be disappointed. A+++!!!

Gnay Coua


Chewy Her

Nukayok sauce is so delicious!! It’s got great flavor that’s sweet and a little spicy with a lot of depth. It’s not too salty when used as a dipping sauce either! Super easy to use and you can’t go wrong with stir-frying, marinating, or dipping with it!

Lillian Ye

I love trying new foods and recipes and I was really lucky to stumble on to Nukayok sauce. I was given a free sample to try and review and I couldn’t be happier with it-I actually hope people try it to see how great it is. It has a sweet and savory flavor that adds a flair to any chicken, pork, and steak recipes. Its good for marinating foods and as a simple dipping sauce. I’ve fallen in love 🥰 and it was definitely worth the try

Sarah Byars

Love Nukayok sauce! It is sweet and savory with a hint of ginger. I like to add this sauce to everything, such as stir-fry veggies and noodles. Highly recommend to anyone who appreciates great and delicious food.

Julia Cheng

The sauce is sweet and savory. I’d definitely recommend it. So far I’ve cooked with it, which give the meat a nice glaze. Marinated meat with it, which enhanced the sweet taste. And drizzled it on a pre cooked meal. It’s a versatile sauce that has me looking for new ways to use it.

Antonio Thomas

The Nukayok Sauce is Awesome!! Very Tasty 👍👍 Highly recommended! used it on my drumsticks it tasted great 💕

Elana Wu

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